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Picture of Camellia Bryan. She is wearing an orange blazer and white shirt with flowers.

I am a PhD candidate at The Schulich School of Business (York University) in Toronto, Canada.  I study resistance and backlash towards diversity initiatives along with interventions to mitigate these roadblocks to diversity and inclusion in organizations. 

In my dissertation, I develop a theory for the conditions under which the initial resistance to diversity initiatives from employees with privileged identities can result in eventual support for these same initiatives. I test this theory through an intervention designed to build support for diversity initiatives. This project is funded by Mitacs Accelerate and the consulting firm Feminuity.

I am the recipient of the Elia Scholar award for 2017-2020, York University’s most prestigious award for incoming PhD students, and the Anthony P.Cunliffe scholarship.  Before my PhD, I worked as a manager of a fundraising team for non-profits.

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